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Ivey has fallen in recent years from it's perch as the highest ranked MBA program in Canada. As recently as 2002, Ivey was the number one school in Canada according to the Financial Times and was ranked 18th in the World.

Since then, Ivey has been surpassed by Rotman (University of Toronto) while Schulich (York University) jumped passed Ivey only to fall sharply in 2007. Ivey's rankings over the past 5 years are:

Ivey FT MBA Rankings

2003 - 22
2004 - 29
2005 - 34
2006 - 31
2007 - 41

Ivey FT MBA Salary

2003 - $106,144
2004 - $101,668
2005 - $100,638
2006 - $99,553
2007 - $100,420

The trend has certainly been towards a steady decline. One possible explanation has to do with the fact that the two main competitors for Ivey (Rotman and Schulich) are both based in Toronto, while Ivey is in London, ON. Others would argue that Ivey was getting fairly complacent sitting as the top school in Canada and didn't really imagine that Rotman would quickly move up the rankings and pass them.

No matter why Ivey has been falling recently in terms of the FT rankings, it will be very interesting to see what will happen now that Ivey has moved to their 12-month case based MBA program. Whether its considered a desperate move to reverse a downward trend (in both rankings and national pedigree) or forward thinking and a innovative decision, it will certainly affect Ivey's rankings going forward. How employers react to the change will probably be the biggest indicator of whether or not the move was successful, since at the end of the day salary increases and career progress are the main reasons people undertake their MBA.

Key Ivey Rankings Summary - 2007

Value for Money - 31
Career Progress - 66
Placement Success - 51
Alumni Recommended - 21
International Mobility - 33
Doctoral Rank - 68
Research Rank - 23

Ivey MBA Program

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