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Schulich, like most Canadian MBA Schools took a fairly large drop in the 2007 FT MBA Rankings. The salary for Schulich grads 3 years out has always been somewhat lower than the other two large Ontario schools (Ivey and Rotman), so the lower Salary figure isn't surprising. Two areas where Schulich fared much worse in 2007 compared to 2006 and earlier was value for money and career progress.

Value for money is a measure used by the Financial Times that compares the salary earned by grads today to the tuition of the program and the opportunity cost (or salary forgone) by students when they were enrolled in the program. Schulich went from 8th in 2006 to 33rd in 2007.

Career progress is another item used by the Financial Times that represents the change in seniority and the size of a company that a graduate is working in now as compared to what they were doing before their MBA. Schulich went from 14th in 2006 to 37th in 2007.

Schulich FT MBA Ranking 2008

As with most Canadian schools, one would expect the salary data reported by Schulich to have increased this year based on the strength of the Canadian dollar. That would help the overall salary data but it might not be helpful in the value for money category because tuition and salary forgone will also increase.

Schulich FT MBA Rankings 2003-2007

2007 - 49
2006 - 18
2005 - 22
2004 - 22
2003 - 26

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