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With the 2008 FT MBA Rankings coming out in approx. 2 months, now seems like a good time to review how Canadian schools have been ranking over the last 5 years.

(Note: the 2008 FT MBA rankings have now been released)

Rotman Financial Times MBA Rankings

2003 - 21
2004 - 21
2005 - 21
2006 - 24
2007 - 27

Rotman Financial Times Reported Salary

2003 - $99,341
2004 - $103,039
2005 - $98,261
2006 - $98,055
2007 - $96,643

As you can see from the rankings over the last 5 years, Rotman appears to have peaked at 21st overall and is slowly beginning to fall as other schools are jumping ahead. Part of this has to do with the growth of MBA programs outside of North America, but the salary data is also a cause for concern. Normally, you'd like to see the salary number going up year after year, but in the case of Rotman it has been a downward trend as of late.

FT MBA Ranking in 2008

I'd be willing to bet that the salary figure reported in the 2008 rankings is higher relative to Rotman's recent reports. With the Canadian dollar reaching parity with the US Dollar and now trading above the US dollar, all Canadian schools will get a boost in the rankings. However, I wouldn't expect Rotman's performance to be as dramatic as some of the other schools in Canada. The financial sector in Toronto, generally a big employer for Rotman hasn't been experiencing the same level of growth relative to other parts of Canada. I would imagine that the gains for Rotman in 2008 won't be as dramatic as some of the Western Schools. However, compared to the 2nd tier American schools, I would believe that Rotman will reverse their slight downward trend in 2008.

Key Rotman FT Rankings Summary - 2007

Value for Money - 38
Career Progress - 93
Placement Success - 48
Alumni Recommended - 18
International Mobility - 37
Doctoral Rank - 18
Research Rank - 23

Rotman MBA Program

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