Sauder UBC MBA Rankings

UBC is generally in what the Financial Times would call the fourth tier in their MBA rankings. That is to say that there is little difference between the select MBA program, the next 20, then the top 50, and then the remainder of the top 100.

In 2005, Sauder actually moved up into the Financial Times 3rd tier, but has returned down the past two years. Fundamentally, UBC offers a very solid education, with a strong doctoral and research ranking by the FT. Regionally, they are very well known and recommended, the big push seems to be centred around building their reputation outside of Western North America. With an increased presence around the world, including a new MBA program offered in China, the hope is that their grads will be better able to move around internationally and attract the larger salaries. Like most Canadian schools, it would seem logical to expect UBC to move up somewhat in this years ranking because of the more favourable exchange rate to the US dollar which will boost the salary figure reported.

Rank in 2007 - 77
Rank in 2006 - 71
Rank in 2005 - 55
Rank in 2004 - 67
Rank in 2003 - 73

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