Ivey MBA Financial Times Ranking 2010

The Financial Times Rankings are published every year. On their own, each year's ranking can only tell you so much about a school. To get a good sense of the schools overall trajectory, it's a good idea to examine their rankings over the past number of years.

Ivey MBA Financial Times Ranking

The first Canadian MBA program we'll look at is the University of Western Ontario - Ivey MBA program. From the start of the FT rankings, Ivey has fallen from its initial starting point in the top quartile of the rankings down into the bottom of the top 50. This is more a reflection of the growth of international programs as the other top Canadian schools have met a similar fate.

Ivey MBA - Graduate Salary

Ivey continues to fare very well on graduate salaries, especially compared to the other Canadian schools on the FT list. Salaries are consistently at or above the $100,000 US mark for alumni 3 years after graduation. Outside of Rotman (Toronto), the other Canadian schools on the FT rankings all fall in the mid to low $80,000's in terms of graduate salary.

Ivey MBA - Career Progress Ra

When the FT rankings first came out, Ivey ranked middle of the pack in terms of Career Progress. Currently, they have fallen to 76th overall. The overall success of the Ivey MBA is part of the reason why they have fallen in terms of career progress. Career progress is calculated in part on changes in level of seniority and in size of the organization that alumni work for pre and post-MBA. As a leading MBA program in Canada, Ivey is likely to attract students that are already fairly successful, working at larger organizations, and looking to get ahead. To help put this in perspective, Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) one of the best known business schools and one that is consistently ranked at the very top of the Financial Times rankings is 41st in terms of career progress.


Ryan said…
I am a Canadian citizen who did an MBA abroad, but am currently looking for a job here in Canada (Toronto). I am wondering what the average salary for an MBA graduate in Canada is. I understand that the (perceived) quality of my MBA and the industry that I apply to will affect the salary range, but I am just looking to get a range that can act as a starting point.

Not sure if this is the proper place for the question, but if you have any information about this I would appreciate your feedback.

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