University of Alberta MBA FT Rankings

The University of Alberta MBA program was not included on the Financial Times top 100 MBA Schools list in 2007. Alberta has been perennially ranked at the tail end of the FT top 100, sometimes managing to appear on the list and sometimes coming just short. The highest Alberta has managed to rank in 95th in 2001.

Without a doubt, the main factor keeping the UofA from moving up in the rankings is salary. There are number of reasons why the salary reported by Alberta grads is lower than most other ranked schools in Canada including:

- low cost of living in Edmonton
- fewer corporate head offices in Edmonton compared to Toronto, Montreal, etc.
- greater proportion of government jobs (typically lower paying that private sector jobs).

The low salary figures reported even hurts Alberta in the value for money ranking (44th in 2006). With a low tuition relative the Eastern Canadian schools (Ivey, Rotman, Queen's) a moderate increase in salary would boost Alberta not just in the salary rankings, it would also be a decent multiplier in the value for money rankings.

University of Alberta FT MBA Ranking 2008

It would be quite surprising in the University of Alberta fails to rank in the top 100 in the 2008 FT MBA Rankings. The faculty and research rankings for Alberta have improved since they were last ranked in 2006 (as seen in the FT Executive MBA Rankings). Most importantly, salary figures should be higher than those reported in the past couple of years. The entire province of Alberta has been experience a rather large boom based around the oil sands in Ft. McMurray and salaries and the cost of living has gone up considerably in the last couple of years. This should be reflected in the most recent numbers. Also, the Canadian dollar has reached par with the American dollar, so salary figures should also get a boost since the Financial Times reports in American dollars.

The University of Alberta should be able to post its highest ranking ever in the Financial Times MBA rankings (95th) when the 2008 FT MBA Rankings are released in January.

Alberta FT MBA Rankings 2001-2007

2007 - N/R
2006 - 98
2005 - N/R
2004 - 97
2003 - 100
2002 - N/R
2001 - 95

University of Alberta MBA Program

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