Canadian MBA Salary - 2009

MBA Salary 2009

With the economic climate having changed considerably since last years class of MBA students graduated, it should be interesting times for the most recent grads. While final salary numbers won't be available until the fall, I'd expect the final numbers to fall well below the 2008 grad class figures. US schools are having a very difficult time finding placements for all of their grads and the story is somewhat similar in Canada. Regionally, Ontario schools may be the hardest hit. To give you an idea of where the schools are coming from, 2008 grad salaries are presented below.

MBA Salary

Rotman (University of Toronto) $89,698
Queens $80,000
Schulich (York University) $93,000
McGill $87,000
Sauder (University of British Columbia) $78,000
Ivey (University of Western Ontario) $103,000
Alberta $75,000
DeGroote (McMaster) $65,026
John Molson (Concordia) $75,000
Telfer (University of Ottawa) $81,346
Asper (University of Manitoba) $75,000