Asper School of Business - University of Manitoba

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Tuition: $19,100(domestic)

Duration: 11 months

Full Time Enrolment: 80

Avergage GMAT: 590

Minimum Work Experience Requirement: none

Notable Rankings: N/A

Brief Overview of the School: At Asper, full-time students can complete their MBA in one year, while part-time students typically take on average 3 years to complete their degree. The degree program is broken down into three components, the largest of which covers off Management Essentials. The two other components cover off Executive Leadership and an Advanced Specialization. Students can specialize in any of the following:

Human Resources Management & Organizational Behaviour
Supply Chain Management
Health Administration

Being based in Winnipeg, the Asper School of Management is a very sound choice for students looking to further their career in Manitoba. Naturally, the school is plugged into the community and for those looking to move up the corporate ladder in Winnipeg it’s a sound destination.

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