Alberta MBA - University of Alberta

Location: Edmonton, AB

Tuition:$23,500 (domestic), $46,000 (international)

Duration: 16 months

Full Time Enrolment: 103

Average GMAT: 600

Minimum Work Experience Required: 2 years

Notable Rankings: 77th in 2009 Financial Times Rankings

Brief Overview of the School: The Alberta economy is currently booming on the back of the oil sands in Ft. McMurray. Similar to the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta is a great place to go to set yourself up for success in the province. The UofA is held in higher regard as an academic institutions across Canada, and the Business School ranks very high in terms of research internationally. However, salaries in Edmonton tend to be lower than the equivalents in most major cities across Canada, a factor of the lower cost of living.

The specializations on offer at the University of Alberta are intended to tap into the strengths of Edmonton. The Natural Resources and Energy specialization ties in well with a province flush with oil revenue, the University of Alberta is home to some of the top researchers in the health and engineering fields making the Technology Commercialization specialization particularly practical. The full list of specializations includes:

Natural Resources & Energy
International Business
Technology Commercialization
Leisure & Sport Management
Public Management

The Alberta MBA positions students well for careers in Alberta, and the school tries to harness it’s national reputation to help in the job hunt across Canada to mixed results.

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