Financial Times MBA Rankings 2010 - Now Released

All in all, there hasn't been a huge shift in the relative ranking of Canadian Schools. The positive news, McGill has rejoined the FT Top 100 after a brief absence making it 6 Canadian schools in the Top 100. Along with McGill, Rotman is the only other Canadian school to move up in the Rankings, moving up to 45 from 47 last year (and in the process becoming the highest ranked Canadian school).

The Canadian school rankings are:

School Highlights
A more detailed breakdown of each school is presented below, however here are some initial thoughts (a more detailed analysis will be up in the next few days).
McGill will obviously be happy to be back on the list after falling off - they are also the best ranked Canadian school in terms of value for money (although there isn't much a difference between all of the schools).
Rotman also managed to move up in the rankings, albeit by a small margin. With the fellow Ontario schools slipping a few spots, they will be happy to be the highest ranked Canadian school (they were tied with Ivey in 2009).
Ivey, Schulich, UBC, and Alberta will all be somewhat disappointed to drop in the rankings although each won't be horribly disappointed. Ivey continues to have the highest earning grads, Schulich and UBC remain in the same place relative to Canadian schools and Alberta's salary figures are finally starting to catch up with the other Canadian schools.
Rank in 2009: 47
Salary: $96,436
Salary Increase: 87%
Value for Money: 56
Career Progress: 86
Aims Achieved: 49
Placement Success: 69
Employed 3 months after Graduation: 83%
Rank in 2009: 47
Salary: $102,839
Salary Increase: 92%
Value for Money: 32
Career Progress: 76
Aims Achieved: 59
Placement Success: 30
Employed 3 months after Graduation: 87%
Rank in 2009: 49
Salary: $85,547
Salary Increase: 86%
Value for Money: 35
Career Progress: 60
Aims Achieved: 75
Placement Success: 87
Employed 3 months after Graduation: 80%
Rank in 2009: 71
Salary: $83,514
Salary Increase: 74%
Value for Money: 33
Career Progress: 70
Aims Achived: 90
Placement Success: 68
Employed 3 months after Graduation: 83%
Rank in 2009: 77
Salary: $79,383
Salary Increase: 85%
Value for Money: 29
Career Progress: 38
Aims Achieved: 72
Placement Success: 77
Employed 3 months after Graduation: 75%
Rank in 2009: unranked
Salary: $83,435
Salary Increase: 80%
Value for Money: 27
Career Progress: 90
Aims Achieved: 77
Placement Success: 81
Employed 3 months after Graduation: 93%


Anonymous said…
Canadian schools are ranked decently in all measures except post-MBA salary. Sorting the ft rankings by salary puts almost all the Canadian schools competing for dead last. Is this a function of some external and common factor such as currency? Are they using PPP or something?
parvezlakha said…
I was curious if you know of any MBA Schools in Canada that accept applications based on life expereince (like LBS) if you do not have a undergrade?