Ryerson MBA - 2009

Ryerson MBA - Ted Rogers School of Management

Location: Toronto, ON

Ryerson is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Ryerson has the reputation as a very hands on and industry friendly University, where as much importance is placed on the real-world skills as on academic theory. The full-time MBA program is a 12 month program. The part-time MBA program can be completed in 2 years. Preference is given to applicants with at least 2 years of full-time work experience after completing their undergraduate degree, but this is not an absolute requirement.

As Ryerson is a fairly new MBA school, it is difficult to get a sense of how strong the MBA program is overall. As the MBA is a 1-2 year degree, the target student is likely only a few years removed from their undergraduate degree.

Compared to most Canadian MBA programs, especially those based in Toronto, the tuition is very reasonable. The 1-year MBA is approximately $12,500.

Ryerson is not accredited by any of the 3 main MBA accreditation bodies (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA)

Ryerson MBA Rankings

Ryerson is not currently ranked by any of the major MBA rankings (Financial Times, BusinessWeek, EIU, or QS).

Part of this can easily be attributed to the relative young age of the Ryerson MBA program.

Ryerson MBA Student Profile

Full Time Class
Average Class Size: 60
Average GMAT: 615
Average GPA: B+ (3.3)
Average Age: 30
Average Work Experience: 6.25
Male/Female Ratio: 37% Female

Ryerson MBA Admissions

GMAT: 550 min.
GPA: min. of B- average in last half of undergraduate degree
Work Exp: 2 years preferred
English Language Proficiency: required for international students

Ryerson MBA Main Competitors
Schulich (York University)
Rotman (University of Toronto)
Ivey (University of Western Ontario)
Degroote (McMaster)


sb99blogger said…
The quality of Ryerson MBA is no where near Schulich and Rothman. Ryerson doesn't seem to cover any subject in depth compared to the other two
Haran said…
I just accepted Ryerson not too long ago and was skeptical at first. I had a 690 gmat and was accepted at schulich, but was put off by the size and length of the program. So far the Ryerson program is hectic and alot more work than expected. As for depth, the course outlines seem to be the similar as my buddies at ivey and rotman. i'll keep you posted.
Jeff said…
I have been attending the Laurier part-time MBA for about a year and have found it to be shallow and unfulfilling. I will be transferring to Ryerson in the fall.

I doubt there are many student who would have attended two universities for their MBA so I'll let you know how it goes.
Haran said…
I'm just about done my time at Ryerson. The school has it's kinks (the same as any other school) to work out, but on the whole a very positive experience. Great classmates; not at all like the horror stories you often hear about at b-school. Further, it is what you put into it: get very involved in competitions and you'll honestly see a ten-fold return. I'm in the internship term right now working for one of Canada's big 5 banks on Bay Street, which may offer some insight to those wondering about where possible internships/jobs exist for Ryerson students. Also, other classmates are working for various international organizations.
Anonymous said…
MBA means advanced studies that require the enrollment in schools with history and reputation. Ryerson MBA is just recent and I wonder how long it will take this program to be recognized or even accredited. The difference in the tuition fees is relatively minor factor when compared to other well recognized MBA programs considering the benefit you plan to get out of this study.
I did a review and found out that the team of professors in the program at Ryerson is not well recognized, with growing bad reputation and stories (ratemyprofessor.com)
H said…
Graduated, working full-time and just accepted another full-time position in a MBA finance-rotational program at Canada's largest bank. I know of at least 6 other Ryerson MBA alumni (graduating since 2008) in these highly competitive MBA bank Rotational programs. Of course each case is different, but personally the MBA at Ryerson was a great investment. Also, be weary of "ratemyprof.com" as an indicator of the overall program; at the end of the day an MBA is as much about making connections in industry as it is about conventional academic learning.
Anonymous said…
@Haran...how is the mba in innovation & tech. at ryerson??
Do they have info. systems electives every year?
H said…

The Management of Tech and Innovation program is what I completed, you learn more about managing the implementation of various systems, as well as up and coming technologies from a market/investment perspective. Info system electives are available, and the profs teaching typically have experience in technology consulting (accenture, cap gem, etc.).
incredible said…

Is there anyway to get in touch with you?

I need to know some stuff about this MBA in Technology and Science.

Paolo said…
Hello, I have been an IT developer for about 10 years and am looking to grow my career. Can anyone with a similar background tell me if the innovation and tech mba would be a good investment?

Thanks very much.
Khan said…
Ryerson Uni is no longer not AACSB accredited. Only this year, in August 2011, AACSB accredited Ted Rogers.
Anonymous said…
This page needs to be updated. I transferred from Shulich's MBA program in Oct. 2011 (which is totally over priced BTW) and have found Ryerson's MBA program to be excellent. Oh, and they're accredited now by AACSB.
Koushal said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi everyone,

I have recently been accepted for the Global MBA program at Ryerson for Fall 2012 and want to seek feedback on how you would rate this program compared to UFT and York. I am an international student from India with about 10 years of experience with media firms such as National Georaphic and Times of India. I am looking for a program that provides good value for money, time and is well recognized globally. Having said that I do realize Ryerson does not currently have a ranking. How is a Ryerson degree perceived in the Canadian market and does it have a strong alumini network?

I will be accompanied by my wife who will have to leave her job with KPMG and relocate if I was to accept the offer. Does it really make sense to go in for this program or should I reapply to other MBAs in a year?

Eager to hear flack on this.