BusinessWeek MBA Rankings

Business Week magazine publishes it's bi-annual list of the top ranked MBA programs in the United States and the top ranked MBA programs outside of the US. The Business Week rankings combine the results of graduate surveys (45% of the overall ranking) with results from an employer survey (45%) and an intellectual capital rating based on published articles from business schools (10%) to compile the rankings.

Canadian business schools are included on the international list. The Canadian schools and their overall rankings are:

Queen's University - 1st
Ivey - 4th
Rotman - 8th
McGill - 2nd tier
Schulich - 2nd tier

Schools in the 2nd tier are not ranked, only the top 10 schools are given a formal position.

As a survey focused more on graduate opinions and the opinions of employers, these results may give a better indication of how likely students are to succeed after they complete their MBA. However, as Business Week is a US magazine, the results may be somewhat skewed by the opinions of US recruiters, which for Canadian MBA schools is not the most relevant base.


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