Financial Times MBA Rankings Summary (1 of 3)

Below is a summary of the Financial Times MBA rankings for Canadian schools from 2003-2008. You can get a very good sense of how schools have done in the rankings over the last 6 years and see how the Canadian schools are trending. With most Canadian schools dropping in the rankings in 2008, hopefully this year is more of an outlier than a trend for Canadian Schools.

Financial Times MBA Ranking

As you can see from the chart on the left, Queens has fallen from a fairly high ranking to outside of the top 100 in 4 years, while schools like McGill, Ivey, and UBC have dropped fairly noticably in recent years. The one school that seems to have bucked their trend is Alberta, which has actually moved up to an all-time high in the rankings in 2008.

Financial Times MBA Salary Ranking

As you can see, Ivey continues to have the highest paid graduates out of the ranked MBA programs in Canada. Rotman is also ahead of the pack when it comes to salaries in Canada. A number of schools are huddled together in the $80-$90k / year mark, with Schulich and McGill grads outearning UBC grads. Alberta grads are usually the lowest earning out of Canadian grads.

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2009 Financial Times MBA Rankings


Anonymous said…
Hey! Hurry Up with Parts 2 and 3. I'm wondering how you're going to slice and dice this. :)
Anonymous said…
This is great.

I did my MBA at the University of Ottawa and my salary went up $30K within 12 months of graduating (6+ figure salary).

And the University of Ottawa cost me $15,000 in tuition - nuff said.

Its not where you go to school, its what you do with it.