University of Toronto - Rotman MBA

Location: Toronto, ON

Tuition: $63,078

Duration: 16 months

Full Time Enrolment: 545

Average GMAT: 659

Minimum Work Experience Required: 2 years

Notable Rankings: 47th in the 2009 Financial Times MBA Rankings

Brief Overview of the School:

Being located in Toronto, gives the Rotman School of Business a good advantage when it comes to placing students after graduation. With Toronto being the largest city in Canada and the financial centre, UofT MBA students are in a good position to land some of the most coveted jobs in the country.

Rotman is well known for it’s Finance program, with is again very useful being located in Toronto home to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Students complete a set of core courses before they are able to branch out and specialize or major in a specific area of interest. Rotman offers a number of majors, including:

· Brand Management
· Consulting
· Funds Management
· Innovation and Entrepreneurship
· Investment Banking
· Risk Management & Financial Engineering

With fairly sizeable tuition, it’s not surprising that Rotman offers some very valuable scholarships. They offer a number of full-tuition scholarships to incoming students and offer 50% tuition to top candidates from select foreign countries.

Notable Alumni

John Cassaday, MBA 81
President and CEO of Corus Entertainment
Kevin Dougherty, MBA 98
President of SunLife Financial Canada

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