Dalhousie University: The Dalhousie MBA

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Program Options: Full-Time, Part-Time (Distance)
Program Length: 22 months (Full-Time), 2-7 years (Distance)
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition and Fees: $44,000 (Canadian), $65,000 (International), $36,610 (Distance)
Notable Rankings: N/A
GMAT: Required (Full-Time), Can be waived (Distance)
Specializations: MBA in Financial Services (Distance), Finance, International Business, Marketing, Business and Government, Innovation and Technology, Management
School Website: http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/corporate_residency_mba.html

Dalhousie offers two MBA program options.  Their MBA in Financial Services is offered through a blend of distance and face-to-face sessions, with most courses ending with a 2-5 day in person session at various locations across Canada (not just Halifax).  There are a total of 14 courses that make up the MBA in Financial Services and the capstone course for this program is held in Halfiax each summer.

Dalhousie's Full-Time program is their Corporate Residency MBA.  This is based on Halifax.  As part of this program, all students would complete an 8-month corporate residency (essentially a two-term internship) at the same employer.  This program does not require candidates to have work experience prior to entering the program (hence the focus of the 8-month placement).  Given that, the average age of the program will skew younger than other program in Canada.

Employment Summary

3-Month Placement Rate: 97%
Average Salary: $65,000
Average Salary Increase: N/A

As a distance program designed for individuals working Full-Time, limited employment and salary figures are available for the MBA in Financial Services.  For the Corporate Residency program, the placement rate is quite high, although the average salary isn't great compared to other Canadian program.  A large of this will likely be attributable to the younger students entering the program - they are likely to be paid less than more experienced candidates and also more inclined to take entry-level jobs.  I would also assume that a large number of the placements come from the 8-month paid placement - with students continuing in Full-Time post-grad positions after finishing the MBA.

A break down of where students end up isn't available, although from the list of employers in the corporate residency program, a lot of placements are likely in the Atlantic provinces.


The MBA in Financial Services is fairly targeted towards individuals working in the Financial Services industry.  As a distance program it is reasonably priced compared to similar programs.  As long as their is a course meeting location near your hometown, this would be a good option if you are looking to continue your career in Financial Services.  I would recommend looking at how long the program has been offered in your area and how large the local alumni network would be - talking with local alumni can help you get an idea of what kind of career progression you can expect.

The Corporate Residency MBA is a good option for those looking to enter the work force.  Tuition is comparable to similar program in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.  Most placements are in the Atlantic provinces, so if you aren't interested in staying in the region, I'd suggest looking at the corporate residency employers in the location you do want to be and whether they might be of interest.  Aside from existing connections and the connections built up in Financial Services across the country through the MBA in Financial Services, it might be difficult to end up in specific industries and locations after the MBA.