EQUIS Accreditation

EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

EQUIS is an international accreditation (based out of Europe) that reviews academic institutions. MBA programs, while not specifically reviewed, are the main flagships for EQUIS accreditation. EQUIS is maintained by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

As this is a European based accreditation (and requires a strong international component), not all Canadian schools pursue EQUIS. Those that do likely have a strong connection to either Europe or International recruitment. The standard accreditation for North American schools is AACSB.

EQUIS Requirements

To gain EQUIS accreditation, schools must show a strong balance between high academic quality and professional relevance through close interaction with the corporate world. In addition to requiring a certain quality level in all activities, Schools require a high degree of internationalization in their programs to also qualify for EQUIS accreditation.

Canadian Schools with EQUIS

Universite du Quebec au Montreal
Universite Laval
Simon Fraser University
University of Victoria
HEC Montreal
Sauder (UBC)


MBA Centric said…
The international component is something that is overlooked by many Canadian MBA programs in my opinion. Business is only going to become more global, and having a MBA that is recognized globally will only be of benefit in the long run.