Ivey MBA Program - Student Information

Typical Class Profile
Average Age - 28 years
Average GMAT - 650
Average Work Experience - 5 years
Middle 80% of GMAT Scores - 590 to 720

Ivey Case Method
One aspect that sets Ivey apart from virtually all other Canadian MBA Schools is their focus on the case method. All schools will use the case method to some extent, however the focus at Ivey is on case based learning. A conservative estimate is that by the end of the program, you will have looked at 300 different cases.

Students are given the cases ahead of time and are expected to have not only read the case, but to have prepared responses to the issues given in the case. During class, the instructor doesn't lecture as such, instead he/she typically acts as a moderator of class discussion. The class, with the direction of the instructor work through the case presenting their ideas and thoughts on different aspects. At the end of the day, there is never one right answer at the end of the case. The learning stems from being exposed to the different viewpoints and being able to prepare reasonable approaches to solving the issues presented.

Ivey Campus
Located in
London, ON, Ivey is much less of a commuter campus than other schools. As opposed to Rotman, Schulich, and other schools located in major cities, there is a greater opportunity to spend time together with fellow students. Of course, at any school, this would depend on the students. But with Ivey being more of a lifestyle choice for the one-year program, there is a greater focus on learning and student clubs than you might find elsewhere.

Student Resources

Ivey MBA Students Association
Ivey Marketing Club

More Information
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