Cape Breton University

**Updated Profile for 2014 available**

Location: Sydney, NS

Tuition:$18,944 (Domestic), $25,000 (International)

Duration: 12 months

Full Time Enrolment: 58

Average GMAT: 530

Minimum Work Experience Required: None

Notable Rankings: N/A

Brief Overview of the School: The Cape Breton University MBA is focused on the area of Community Economic Development. The program is geared entirely around the CED field and would appeal to those already involved in CED, individuals working in organizations related to CED (government, First Nations), and students interested in this area.

For someone looking to expand their career options in Community Economic Development, an MBA from Cape Breton University would be a logical choice, however the program is rather limited in the benefits for students looking to move in other career directions.
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roobes said…
I'm looking for information on the Cape Breton MBA program. I'd be really interested in reviews from anyone who is in the program or has completed it on the quality of instruction and the curriculum. I would be looking to apply this learning in the CED field but am also hoping this program could provide skills for business development, management, entrepreneurship, etc.