Cape Breton University MBA - Shannon School of Business

Location: Syndey, Nova Scotia (also available Part-Time in Edmonton, AB and Saskatoon, SK)
Program Options: Full-Time, Part-Time,
Program Length: 1 year (Full-Time), 24-26 months (Part-Time)
Accreditation: N/A
Tuition and Fees: $18,474 - $20,109 (Canadian in Sydney), $30,319 (International), $30,397 (Edmonton/Saskatoon)
Notable Rankings: N/A
GMAT: Can be Waived
Specializations: Community Economic Development
School Website:

The Cape Breton University MBA is focused on the area of Community Economic Development (CED). The program is geared entirely around the CED field and would appeal to those already involved in CED, individuals working in organizations related to CED (government, First Nations), and students interested in this area.  The Full-Time MBA has ~80 students, with another ~160 students spread out between the Part-Time programs in Sydney, Edmonton and Saskatoon.

Employment Summary

3-Month Placement Rate: N/A
Average Salary: N/A
Average Salary Increase: N/A

Cape Breton does not make their Full-Time MBA placement statistics readily available (they may not even track them).  As a niche program, if your main area of interest isn't community focused, you may struggle employment wise after graduation.  The marketing and promotion of the program does seem more focused on the Part-Time student as well, which is a group that wouldn't need much help from Career Services.


The focus of the MBA program does seem to be on their Part-Time MBA programs.  If you are interested in Community Economic Development and located near one of their Part-Time offerings, the two-year program would be appealing.  For the Full-Time program, unless you are really passionate about CED or live in the Sydney-area, other programs would probably be a better fit.