Saturday, January 17, 2015

McMaster University - Degroote MBA

Location: Burlington, Ontario
Program Options: Full-Time, Part-Time, Co-op
Program Length: 16 months (Full-Time), 28 months (Co-op), 3-5 years (Part-Time)
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition and Fees: $36,650 - $42,000 (Canadian), $68,225 - $73,500 (International)
Notable Rankings: N/A
GMAT: Required
Specializations: Fccounting and Financial Management Services, Management Information Systems, Finance, Health Services Management, Management of Innovation and New Technology, Strategic Business Valuation, Strategic Marketing, Supply Chain Management
School Website:

Degroote's largest intake of students each year is into their co-op MBA program.  Offered since the 1970's, the co-op MBA is targeted towards younger students who would not have the work experience necessary for other programs. In the co-op program, Canadian students do not require work experience, while International students require at least one year of professional experience to be considered.  Unsurprisingly, the average age in this program is well below other programs.  The co-op program includes 4 terms of course work and 3 paid co-op terms.  The co-op MBA

The full-time and accelerated MBA programs attracts a higher number of international students.

Employment Summary

3-Month Placement Rate: 71%
Average Salary: $67,800
Average Salary Increase: N/A

The full-time MBA, with it's larger international student body, has a lower placement rate, with only 71% of students employed within 6 months of graduation.  Average salary is also lower than other comparable program with the class of 2013 averaging $67,800.

Degroote also includes separate numbers for their co-op program.  The 6-month placement rate for this group is higher at 79%.  Average salary is also higher, with student earning an average of $73,674.  It's not completely surprising that the placement numbers for the co-op program are higher (students do complete 3 work terms with employers and the level of jobs inexperienced candidates would look at are different than experienced MBA candidates) although it is quite surprising that the salary figures are also higher.

The highest placement industry for students in the co-op program is Healthcare/Pharma with 30% of the class ending up in the area.  That's not surprising given the industry around Hamilton/Burlington.  In the full-time program, the highest area of placements is banking/capital markets.


Degroote has been quite successful with their co-op MBA program and it does offer a good choice for inexperienced candidates to gain experience and complete the MBA degree.  That being said, in it's current form, I'm not sure why most candidates would look at the full-time program rather than the co-op option.  The placement rate is higher, salaries are higher, and with paid co-op terms the financial trade-off is minimal.  For international students, it would also give them the chance to add Canadian experience to their resume.


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