Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Risk Management Looms Large

An interesting article in the Financial Post yesterday about the lessons that can be learned from the current financial crisis and likely changes to the curriculum at schools. With a great deal of trouble stemming from mortgage backed securities at financial institutions, part of the article outlines what changes are coming to MBA programs to learn from the debacle. An increased focused on regulations and compliance is likely to come in Risk Management courses.

Perhaps more reassuring though is how quickly schools are able to incorporate real-world changes into the curriculum. This is certainly good news for students who want to make sure they are learning relevant skills and not best practices that are no longer applicable. When looking into schools, making sure that they are able to update courses and their curriculum to reflect industry and real-life changes is very important. Since you're committing a large amount of time and money towards improving your skill set, you want the skill set to be what the market is demanding.

Another interesting link to the Financial Post is their executive blog where MBA students from across the country are able to post articles and stories about their experience and learning's.


David E. Jacobs said...

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Oleg Groch said...
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