Canadian Business - 17th Annual MBA Guide

The November 10th issue of Canadian Business features their 17th annual MBA Guide. While only the 2007 guide is currently available online, I'd imagine that the new version will quickly make its way online and replace the 2007 guide.

While the guide doesn't offer a formal ranking of MBA programs in Canada, it does over 50 pages (including advertising) dedicated to stories about recent MBA grads and students as well as brief profiles of the MBA schools in Canada. The guide also includes a section dedicated the EMBA programs in Canada. I won't summarize the entire 50 pages dedicated to MBA programs in Canada, but I will mention one interesting item:

Graduation During Recession = Lower Career Earnings
Those students who graduate during a down economic period will, on average, earn less than those who graduate when times are good. While the numbers are based on graduates from Stanford's MBA program, the difference in career earnings can be startling ranging from $1.5 to 5 Million dollars over a life-time. The main reason for this Investment Banking.

Careers in Investment Banking, with its very lucrative pay packages, are more prevalent during boom times. While there will always be jobs for quality MBA grads no matter the economic conditions, graduating during a slow time may mean you are not able to land that Investment Banking job. So, if you are interested in Investment Banking, starting your MBA at the onset of a recession and finishing up as the economic outlook brightens could be a very wise decision.


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