Ryerson University - Ted Rogers School of Management

Location: Toronto, ON

Tuition:$12,000 (Canadian Resident)

Notable Rankings: None to date

Brief Overview of the School: Ryerson University's MBA program is one of the newest in Canada. Obviously with the MBA program being relatively new and the school only having a very small number of alumni it's difficult to draw an assessment on the quality of program and the perception of the school in the business community.

That being said, Ryerson is located in the heart of Toronto, right on Bay street. Ted Rogers, the CEO of Rogers, is a well known and high profile businessman who has given his name (and plenty of money) to school in order to set up the program. Both of these bode fairly well for Ryerson to establish itself as a decent MBA school.

The program itself is geared up so that students with previous business education can finish the program in 12 months, with those who don't have a business education requiring 16 months to finish the program. Those without business education complete a business basics term during the summer. Students with previous education then join the class for the core courses in Term One. Students specialize or complete electives during Term Two. During the Final Term, students integrate what they've learned into wrap up projects which can include a major research project, thesis, internships, or exchanges.

Ryerson offers specializations in:

International Business
Human Resources Management
Retail and Commercial Development

With Ryerson entering the MBA market, it will be interesting to see how their graduates compete in the job market. Toronto is already a main area for most Ontario MBA schools, so how employers react to the Ryerson offering will be very interesting.

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