A Few MBA Links

I stumbled across the following two articles, one from Business Week and one from QS Top MBA:

GMAT Preparation - Verbal:


MBA Return on Investment - One Year vs. Two Year MBA:


One offers some advice on how to improve your score on the Verbal portion of the GMAT. The other, while not discussing Canadian programs, provides some useful information about your Return on Investment from undertaking an MBA program


The MBA Tour said…
Just thought I'd drop a line to let your readers know that The MBA Tour will be visiting Canada in November 2008. They are also a very great resource! Attendees can learn more about top MBA programs from around the world all in one room.

At the events you can

- Interact with admission directors one on one
- Participate in interactive panels with alumni and Admissions Directors
- Attend individual school presentations and match your interests to program options
- Learn what an MBA can do for your career
- Identify the advantages of pursuing your MBA and creating a global network
Canadian MBA said…
I'll just add to the comment and mention that the three sessions are in Vancouver on November 6th, Toronto on November 8th, and Montreal on November 10th.

Visit :http://www.thembatour.com/

to find out more and register.