Career Services for Part Time Students

An interesting article published through Business Week (Part-Time MBAs: Job Fairs for Us, Too) raises some interesting questions about what part-time students can expect from their MBA program. The main problem seems to stem from schools selectively only allowing their full-time students to participate in employer networking sessions and other recruiting efforts. The argument being that part-time students are in a different situation and in some cases it's not appropriate for students who may be sponsored by their employers to be looking for another position. Personally, I think some of it has to do with the fact that schools tend to be ranked on their full-time students and their after degree salaries.

I disagree with argument. Part-time students pay the same tuition as full-time students. They complete the same classes. Most employers are smart enough to have their employees sign agreements to continue with their company for a certain number of years post-MBA. Those who leave early are required to return their funding. If nothing is signed, the sponsorship is more of a condition of continuing employment during the degree period. Why should any of these things effect what a student is allowed to participate in during their MBA.