Canadian MBA Programs vs. American MBA Programs

Canadian Business posted an interesting article on Canadian students choosing to go to American MBA programs rather than Canadian schools:

It's interesting although not very surprising that some of Canada's top students choose to go to the US for their graduate program. Most of Canada's best and brightest will have already done their undergraduate degree at a top Canadian school. Their work experience will also have been in Canada. To expand their career internationally, moving to an American school makes sense.

Canadian MBA Schools Are Well Ranked Internationally

At the end of the day, the top Canadian schools do compete internationally with the upper tier American schools, so I don't believe it's Canadian students making some sort of quality statement about American schools. I believe however students are seeking to diversify their education internationally and still have something that will be well recognized domestically and abroad.

All I take away from the article is the value of choosing an MBA school that is well positioned in the area or regional location where you would like to work. It's the best way to get a head start on your career path and won't involve you having to do as much lead work to get into the industry.