Beyond Grey Pinstripes

The Beyond Grey Pinstripes Top 100 MBA rankings were released yesterday. These rankings are intended to rate schools on the degree of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management available in a schools curriculum. The rankings also includes the research publications of Business School Faculty in these fields.

Canadian MBA Schools Rankings

Canadian schools did very well in the Beyond Grey Pinstripes Rankings, with Schulich (York University) placing 3rd overall behind leaders Stanford and Michigan. Other Canadian schools in the rankings included:

16 - University of Calgary
21 - University of Western Ontario (Ivey)
23 - University of British Columbia (Sauder)
39 - Dalhousie
45 - McGill
53 - University of Alberta
59 - Concordia (Molson)
65 - Wilfrid Laurier University

The Beyond Grey Pinstripes rankings offer a slightly different look at business schools, in that rather than focus on student and career factors, these rankings take into account what is taught in the classroom. With an increasing numbers of court cases bringing into question the integrity of business leaders and increasing concerns relating to the environment, the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility is continuing to grow.