Working after your MBA - International Students

As an international student considering a Masters of Business Administration degree in Canada, a number of important questions spring to mind. Aside from specific concerns about adapting to life in a new country and what MBA school is the right one to choose, the biggest challenge would be the ability to live and work in Canada post-degree.

Most international graduates from MBA programs in Canada are now eligible for a two year work permit after their degree. Previously, the limit was one year post-degree. This offers students the ability to gain considerable international work experience to go along with an international degree.

Students who are also interested in settling in Canada on a permanent basis would have the ability to live, study, and work in Canada for 4 years. During this time, an application for permanent residency or Canadian citizenship would have plenty of time to work its way through the system. The only downside would be the extra tuition that most schools charge to international students as opposed to Canadian MBA students.