Sobey's MBA - Saint Mary's University

Location: Halifax, NS

Tuition:$14,137 (domestic), $26,147 (international)

Duration: 16 months

Full Time Enrolment: 98

Average GMAT: 590

Minimum Work Experience: 2 years

Notable Rankings: N/A

Brief Overview of the School: Located in Atlantic Canada, the Sobey’s School of Business has a unique dispersal of graduates after the MBA program. For a number of years, a large number of graduates from the MBA program would end up finding jobs outside of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada (mainly in Southern Ontario). As the entire Canadian economy has started heating up in recent years, fewer and fewer graduates are finding the need to leave Atlantic Canada to find jobs. The Sobey’s School of Business is very good getting students in contact with the local business community, through guest speakers and networking events among other activities.

The MBA at Saint Mary’s offers a few standout points relative to other Canadian MBA schools. Firstly, the school has a relationship with CMA Nova Scotia where students can complete the educational requirements for both the MBA degree and the CMA designation in one go (students are required to write the CMA entrance exam prior to enrolling in the MBA-CMA program). The Sobey’s School of Business also has a relationship with the Canadian Association of Management consultants, whereby students who complete selected courses and electives can meet the academic requirements for the CMC designation.

The Sobey’s MBA is structured in much the same way as most MBA schools in Canada. Students complete the core business requirements and are then able to finish off their degree with a number of electives. At Sobey’s students can specialize in:


Management Consulting

Human Resource Management

Information Systems

International Business


Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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Nimisha said…
Please Send me the details of MBA with Marketing and Information Systems
Canadian MBA said…
Hello Nimisha,

For both the Marketing and Information Systems concentrations, you would first complete the same set of core courses. During your 2nd year, you would have the option to take 5 or 6 courses in Marketing or IS. Both offer a fairly wide range of courses in the area.

Tuition for both specializations would be the same. If you are open to any specialization, the Management Consulting concentration at St. Mary's allows you to complete the academic requirements for the CMC (Management Consultant) designation while doing your MBA.