DeGroote MBA - McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, ON

Tuition: $24,000 (domestic)

Duration: 16 months

Average GMAT: 620

Full-Time Enrolment: 203

Minimum Work Experience Requirement: 1 year

Notable Rankings: DeGroote ranks strongly in return on investment rankings

Brief Overview of the School: Degroote offers students the chance to complete a MBA with a Co-op designation. Unlike most MBA programs in the country where students can take one internship or co-op period, Degroote offers the chance to complete a 28 month MBA Co-Op degree. Under the co-op program, students would complete 4 work terms as well as 4 academic terms, typically alternating between a school component and a work component. This would clearly be targeted towards students who have recently completed their undergraduate degree and don’t have a considerable amount of work experience or those who are seeking a major career change and would like some work experience in their future field prior to graduation.

The Degroote MBA isn’t entirely geared towards the Co-op path, and students who won’t benefit as greatly from extended work internships, can complete their degree in a normal fashion. During the MBA program, students can specialize in:

Accounting & Financial Services
CMA – Management Accounting
Health Services Management
Management of Innovation & New Technology
Strategic Business Valuation
Strategic Marketing
Supply Chain Management

Being located in Hamilton, Degroote is able to focus on building strong local ties with the community but isn’t isolated to their geographic region. The school is close enough to Toronto that MBA graduates can compete for placements in the big city with graduates from larger local schools. Of course, it depends entirely on the individual student as to how they fare in job placements.

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Anonymous said…
This program is a joke. They boast that 90% of their graduates are employed after 6 month of graduation. This is a cooked statistic if I have ever seen one, I would venture to say that the number is much more likely to fall around 50-60%. Same goes for the average post-graduate salary nonsense. My guess is that they calculate these figures based on respondents to a survey. Who is going to respond? People who are employed and earning a solid salary. For me, I would rather have back the 2 years of my life and the 100k of debt I have managed to accumulate through tuition and living expenses during this time. Add in the opportunity cost and this is probably a $200k endeavor. You would be much better off pursuing a professional designation such as CFA or CMA in my opinion.