MBA Job Search

Searching for your first job after graduation is never the easiest task. However, the current economic situation has made it ever harder. Fewer firms are coming directly to campus to hire MBA grads. Internships are harder to come by and even with an internship, there is no guarantee that students will be offered a job upon graduation.

Career vs. Job

Traditional MBA careers, such as investment banking, are scarce. Increasingly students in the graduating class of 2009 are left to look into non-traditional MBA careers, such as non-profit organizations and retailers. A large number of grads are also turning to short-term contracts and post-grad internships to keep busy while trying to land their dream job. All of which begs the question, whether it makes more sense to look for the best job after completing your degree, the job where you will gain the most experience and then move on somewhere else, or whether its better to hold out on a high profile investment banking job that may take a year or two to materialize. With the forecast job market for the class of 2010 not looking much brighter, recent grads may be better off seeking experience first and then starting out on their career.

Online MBA Communities, MBA Job Boards, and MBA Executive/Corporate Recruiters

Business schools, and the business community at large, are smart enough to realize that the traditional MBA job search approach isn't working. Alternative options are quite numerous. Linked In, the business version of Facebook, has an entire community dedicated to 2009 grads (although not MBA specific grads). Other job search sites, such as the Canadian run MBA offer both job seekers and employees a place to search and advertise MBA level jobs. A final trend, which is spreading quickly through US schools is the use of corporate recruiters and executive communities where alumni and recent grads from leading business schools can seek out new opportunites. Business Week has an interesting article about this.

Jobs for MBA Grads

All in all, there are many different avenues recent grads can pursue to try and find a post-grad job. Sure, there might not be as many positions advertised, especially those in traditional fields through traditional sources, but if you can effectively tap into some of the other sources of jobs, Canadian MBA grads shouldn't struggle to anywhere near the same level as their American counterparts.


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